Management Team

karen crawford president list labs
Karen Crawford, Ph.D.

Dr. Crawford has over twenty-five years experience in biotechnology. She joined List Labs in 1989 and has an extensive background in bacterial fermentation and aerobes and anaerobes, toxin production and purification. Dr. Crawford led the List Labs team to build and commission a cGMP parenteral toxin drug manufacturing facility where she supervised cGMP production and upstream processing of a clostridial toxin. During her appointment as President of List Biological Laboratories, Inc., Dr. Crawford is managing projects providing quality-controlled anthrax and botulinum toxins to a resource repository. In addition, she directs the development of numerous products including C. difficile and Bacillus anthracis toxins and both C. diphtheriae toxin and the CRM mutant.

linda eaton vice president research development list labs
Linda Eaton, Ph.D.

With List Biological Laboratories, Inc. since 1986 and as Vice President of Research and Development since 1999, Dr. Eaton has directed the development of new products including tetanus toxin and botulinum toxins from Clostridia, Francisella tularensis lipopolysaccharide, exotoxin A from Pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcal alpha toxin, and fimbriae 2/3 from Bordetella pertussis. She also assures the development of appropriate quality control methods, provides for scale up and transfers of technology to manufacturing, trains laboratory staff in new processes, assay methods, and safety.

debra booth vice president list labs
Debra Booth

Debra Booth was with List Labs from 1989-2016, most recently as VP of Operations and presently serves as a member of the board. 

johannes bigalke board of directors list labs
Johannes Bigalke, M.D.

Hans Bigalke has been a member of the List Labs Board of Directors since 2000. He has over 40 years experience in bacterial toxins and serves as an advisor on botulinum toxins and tetanus projects. Prof. Bigalke received his graduate training in Medicine at Justus-Liebig-University Giessen. He completed residencies in Internal Mediciene, Surgery and Psychiatry at the Philips-University at Marburg in 1976.

He received his doctoral degree in Pharmacology in 1978. He has been both a Professor and Vice-Chairman of Toxicology at the Medical School of Hannover, Germany, where he directed a research group working on binding characteristics of botulinum toxins. Prof. Bigalke has more than 100 relevant publications in the field and is an inventor on 4 issued or pending patents.

matthew pazaryna board of directors list labs
Matthew Pazaryna

Matthew Pazaryna was elected to the List Labs Board of Directors in 2014. He has 50 years of global finance and business development experience covering pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, biotechnology and consumer healthcare products. He spent 27 years at Johnson & Johnson, including 12 years as the Worldwide Group Controller for the Pharmaceutical/Diagnostics sector where he was responsible for launching 8 international diagnostic companies. He was the Chief Executive Officer for Polymer Technology International, a manufacturer and marketer of consumer diabetic blood glucose strips and meters. Most recently, he served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. He served as a Board Member for Fidelity Medical, Inc., Apovia, Inc., and as Business Advisor for Zacharon Pharmaceuticals Inc. and as an Adjunct Faculty Member at Seton Hall University, College of Nursing.

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