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Calcium channels are involved in EphB/ephrinB reverse signaling‑induced apoptosis in a rat chronic ocular hypertension model

Dong, L;Cheng, X;Zhou, L;Hu, Y;
Product: Anti-Cholera Toxin B Subunit (Goat)
-  … 703; List Biological Laboratories, Campbell, CA, USA), mouse anti-glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP, cat … 104; List Biological Laboratories) was injected into the superior colliculus (6.0 mm posterior and 2.0 mm lateral to the bregma, and 4-5 mm deep from the cortical …
PubMed ID: 29207174

Multizonal Cerebellar Influence Over Sensorimotor Areas of the Rat Cerebral Cortex.

Aoki, S;Coulon, P;Ruigrok, TJH;
Product: Cholera Toxin B Subunit (Choleragenoid) from Vibrio cholerae in Low Salt
-  … Under visual guid- ance, viral solution containing the French subtype of CVS-11 strain of RABV (titrating 4 × 107 plaque-forming units/ml) in con- junction with cholera toxin β-subunit (CTb, low salt; List Biological Laboratories, 1% w/v in 0.2 M phosphate buffer (PB) …
PubMed ID: 29300895

Myeloid cell plasticity in the evolution of central nervous system autoimmunity

Giles, DA;Washnock-Schmid, JM;Duncker, PC;Dahlawi, S;Ponath, G;Pitt, D;Segal, BM;
Product: Pertussis Toxin from B. pertussis, Lyophilized in Buffer
-  … Mice were injected intraperitoneally with 300 ng pertussis toxin (List Biological) on days 0 and 2. For adoptive transfer, mice were immunized as described, without pertussis toxin, and the draining lymph nodes (inguinal, brachial, and …
PubMed ID: 29283442

Hydrogen postconditioning promotes survival of rat retinal ganglion cells against ischemia/reperfusion injury through the PI3K/Akt pathway

Wu, J;Wang, R;Yang, D;Tang, W;Chen, Z;Sun, Q;Liu, L;Zang, R;
Product: Cholera Toxin B Subunit (CTB) from Vibrio cholerae FITC, Conjugate
-  … Statistical significance was set at P < .05. 3. Results. 3.1. RGC density after retinal IRI. We applied the anterograde tracer, FITC-conjugated cholera toxin B (CTB-FITC; List Biological, Campbell, CA) to count the number of surviving RGCs at one week after retinal IRI …
PubMed ID: 29288664

Renitence vacuoles facilitate protection against phagolysosomal damage in activated macrophages

Wong, AO;Marthi, M;Mendel, ZI;Gregorka, B;Swanson, MS;Swanson, JA;
Product: LPS from Salmonella typhimurium
-  … used for assays of macropinocytosis was purchased from R&D Systems (Minneapolis, MN). LPS from Salmonella typhimuirum (no. 225) was purchased from List Biological Laboratories (Campbell, CA). EIPA was purchased from Tocris (Minneapolis, MN). 35 mm dishes …
PubMed ID: 29282279