The Importance of Lyophilization for Bacteria Production

August 7, 2017

By: Mary N. Wessling, Ph.D. ELS   What is Lyophilization? Protecting the activity of enzyme products and the viability of bacterial cultures that are used in scientific experimentation is an area where List Biological Laboratories is a leader. Lyophilization has…

Tetanus Toxin – Model Antigen and Protein Carrier

July 17, 2017

By: Mary N. Wessling, Ph.D. ELS Tetanus Toxin’s Use as a Protein Carrier and Antigen Tetanus toxin (TT) is the major virulence factor of the Gram-positive bacterium Clostridium tetani. Infection with this bacterium in unvaccinated persons produces muscle spasms by…

How is Cholera Toxin Used in Research?

June 5, 2017

By: Mary N. Wessling, Ph.D. ELS   Cholera Toxin has Two Faces In 2010, Sanchez et al published an article with the puzzling title “Cholera toxin—A foe & a friend. ” The cholera toxin, a complex of two units produced…

Microbiome Research Requires GMP Facilities

May 15, 2017

By: Stacy Burns-Guydish, Ph.D., Senior Director, Microbiology The human body is home to a vast ecosystem of microbes, called the microbiome.  Research is shedding light on the importance of the microbiome as a benefactor to our health and development.  Perturbation…

GMP, Reagent Grade and List Labs’ Own QD Materials

April 10, 2017

By: Debbie Pinkston VP, Business Development List Labs offers a variety of research grade materials for our customers’ many needs.  We’ve updated a popular blog post from a few years back to give an updated overview of the various grades…