Vaccine Carrier Proteins and Adjuvants

Large inactivated toxins such as tetanus toxoid, diphtheria toxoid and diphtheria CRM197 are used as carriers in vaccines to develop strong immune responses. Conjugate vaccines rely on these immunogenic molecules to stimulate long-lasting immunity to attached polysaccharides or peptides. List Labs provides, for purchase, formaldehyde inactivated native toxins such as tetanus toxoid and diphtheria toxoid, as well as the natural mutant diphtheria toxin, CRM197, all potential carrier proteins and vaccine adjuvants. Recently List Labs has produced genetically altered pertussis toxin which retains some toxin activity and may be used as a carrier protein/vaccine adjuvant. 

List Labs vaccine carrier proteins and adjuvants are provided for research use only; however, GMP material may be produced on a contract basis. Contact us if you are interested in GMP production or in using toxoids of other native toxins as carriers or vaccine adjuvants.

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Our Vaccine Carrier Proteins and Vaccine Adjuvants Include:

Tetanus Toxoid made from native tetanus toxin, produced in Clostridium tetani

Cholera Toxin B Subunit made from Vibrio cholerae

Diphtheria Toxoid CRM197, a natural genetically inactive diphtheria toxin (mutant) produced in the native host, Corynebacterium diphtheriae

Adenylate Cyclase Mutant, Recombinant from Bordetella pertussis

Pertussis Toxin Mutant, activity decreased by genetic alteration of pertussis toxin, produced in Bordetella bronchiseptica

Selected Lipopolysaccharides: #400, #401, #421, #423, #433, and #434
For a list of all of the toxoids produced by List Labs, follow the link to Toxoids.

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