LIST™ HPT™ from Escherichia coli O113
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Products are for research purposes only and are not for use in humans or as diagnostic agents.

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List Labs’ HPT LPS is a highly potent lipopolysaccharide produced from E. coli O113. This endotoxin has been purified to eliminate residual intrinsic proteins and nucleic acids.  Potency of this product, in endotoxin units (EU), is determined to be at least 10 EU per ng LPS, or 106 EU per mg LPS.

Endotoxins have been used to study the relationship between infection and the host innate immune system.  In humans, endotoxins have been shown to correlate with changes in cytokines, hormones and inflammatory makers, such as TNF, IL-6, cortisol, epinephrine, serum amyloid A and C-reactive protein.

This product is also an adjuvant. For more information on adjuvants from List Labs, read our blog.