HPT™ LPS, highly purified from Bordetella
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LPS extracted from Bordetella pertussis is different in structure when compared with LPS from many species such as E. coli and S. minnesota.  A major difference in this  Bordetella endotoxin lies in the absence of an O polysaccharide or O antigen chain which, when present, forms the outermost domain of LPS.  A non-repeating trisaccharide takes the place of the O antigen in some of the B. pertussis LPS population;  another LPS congener lacks the trisaccharide.  Two LPS congeners are resolved by electrophoresis; the slower migrating A band has the trisaccharide attached and the faster migrating B band does not.  Due to the lack of an O antigen, B. pertussis LPS is referred to as rough LPS or as a lipooligosaccharide (LOS).   

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This product is also an adjuvant. For more information on adjuvants from List Labs, read our blog.