Anthrax Toxins

(Peptide Substrates for Anthrax Lethal Factor)

MAPKKide® (o-Abz/Dnp), Product #530, is a synthetic peptide containing a cleavage site for anthrax lethal factor.  It is a quenched fluorescent substrate peptide based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET).  Cleavage of the substrate by LF releases the fluorophore creating an increase in fluorescent intensity.  A calibration peptide, Product # 539, is available for use with MAPKKide® 530.  MAPKKide® with the FRET pair DABCYL/FITC, Product #531, is also available.  A lot analysis detailing purity and reaction conditions accompanies each MAPKKide® shipment.

These LF substrates can be used for development of highly sensitive and rapid in vitro methods for detection, as well as for screening of LF inhibitors, which are potential therapeutic agents.  List Biological Laboratories, Inc. provides custom assay services upon request.


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