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Allyl isothiocyanate suppresses lipopolysaccharide-induced expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase, but not induced expression of cyclooxygenase-2

Kim, S;Park, H;Youn, H;

Materials & Methods - Reagents:

... LPS was obtained from List Biological Laboratories (San Jose, CA, USA). ...

Author did not specify which List Labs LPS product was utilized in their research.  List Labs provides the following LPS products:

Assessment Of Molecular Interactions Via Magnetic Relaxation: A Quest For Inhibitors Of The Anthrax Toxin

Santiesteban, OJ;
Product: Anthrax Protective Antigen (PA), Recombinant from B. anthracis


... The Anthrax Lethal Factor and Anthrax Protective Antigen were obtained from List Biological Laboratories, INC.

Assay for the screening of the small molecule library against APA and ALF:

An analyzing solution consisting of 10 µL of the Small molecule-carrying MRnS
and 2,000 µL DI water was prepared. Samples containing different concentrations of free
toxin (APA or ALF, 2 pM to 20 nM, in 1X PBS buffer) were prepared and 2 µL of each
sample was added to 200 μL of the MRnS analyzing solution (Small molecule-MRnS). A
negative control sample was prepared in the same fashion, adding 2 µL fresh 1X PBS
buffer instead of toxin (0 M APA or ALF control sample). Magnetic relaxation
measurements were performed every 15 minutes of incubation at room temperature for 1
hour. ...

Author did not indicate which specific lethal factor was utilized.  List Labs provides Product #172 (Anthrax Lethal Factor (LF), Recombinant from B. anthracis) and Product #169 (Anthrax Lethal Factor (LF-A), Recombinant from B. anthracis Native Sequence).

A single-step purification and molecular characterization of functional Shiga toxin 2 variants from pathogenic Escherichia coli

He X, Quiñones B, McMahon S, Mandrell RE
Product: Shiga Like Toxin 2 (Verotoxin 2)

Purification of Stx2:

... The concentration of Stx in different preparations was determined by ELISA using verotoxin 2 (List Biological Laboratories, Inc., Campbell, CA) as a standard and mAb against Stx2 A-subunit, VT135/6-B9 (Sifin Institute), as a capture antibody and mAb against Stx2 B-subunit, VT136/8-H4 (Sifin Institute), as a detection antibody. ..

Product #164, Shiga Like Toxin 2 (Verotoxin 2), has been discontinued.  Consider alternative Product #162 Shiga Toxin 2 from Escherichia coli.

PubMed ID: 22852065

Abnormal cross-talk between mutant presenilin 1 (I143T, G384A) and glycosphingolipid biosynthesis

Mutoh, T;Kawamura, N;Hirabayashi, Y;Shima, S;Miyashita, T;Ito, S;Asakura, K;Araki, W;Cazzaniga, E;Muto, E;Masserini, M;
Product: Cholera Toxin B Subunit (CTB) from Vibrio cholerae FITC, Conjugate

... Fluorescein isothiocyanate-conjugated B subunit of cholera toxin (CTB-FITC) was purchased from List Biologicals (Campbell, CA, USA). ...

Confocal laser microscopic examination of the stable transfectants:

To examine the distribution of GM1 ganglioside (GM1) in these transfectants, we used CTB-FITC as specific probe for GM1. The transfectants were cultured on collagen/poly-l-lysine (25:1)-coated coverslips and fixed with 3% paraformaldehyde for 5 min at room temperature and stained with CTB-FITC.

PubMed ID: 22508690

Aquaporin 4-specific T cells in neuromyelitis optica exhibit a Th17 bias and recognize Clostridium ABC transporter

Varrin-Doyer, M;Spencer, CM;Schulze-Topphoff, U;Nelson, PA;Stroud, RM;Cree, BA;Zamvil, SS;
Product: Tetanus Toxoid from Clostridium tetani


...Tetanus toxoid was obtained from List Biological Laboratories (Campbell, CA).

PubMed ID: 22807325