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Anti-CD52 blocks EAE independent of PD-1 signals and promotes repopulation dominated by double-negative T cells and newly generated T and B cells

Haile, Y;Adegoke, A;Laribi, B;Lin, J;Anderson, CC;
Product: Pertussis Toxin from B. pertussis, Lyophilized in Buffer
Mice were also injected intraperitoneally with 300 ng Pertussis toxin (PT; List Biological Laboratories) in 200 μL PBS (final concentration 1.5 μg/mL) on the day of immunization and 2 d later. Both male and female mice were used and were distributed in equal numbers
PubMed ID: 32388861

Direct Parabrachial-Cortical Connectivity

Grady, F;Peltekian, L;Iverson, G;Geerling, JC;
Product: Anti-Cholera Toxin B Subunit (Goat)
Cholera toxin B (CTB) Purified choleragenoid, the B subunit of cholera toxin List Biological, goat polyclonal, cat. #703, lot #7032A9, RRID: AB_10013220 1:10 000
PubMed ID: 32383444

Divergent T follicular helper cell requirement for IgA and IgE production to peanut during allergic sensitization

Zhang, B;Liu, E;Gertie, JA;Joseph, J;Xu, L;Pinker, EY;Waizman, DA;Catanzaro, J;Hamza, KH;Lahl, K;Gowthaman, U;Eisenbarth, SC;
Mice were immunized weekly for 1, 6, or 12 weeks by oral gavage with ground blanched peanut (Western Mixers Produce & Nuts), roasted and unsalted peanut (Whole Foods Market), or wheat flour (Bob’s Red Mill Company) or OVA (Sigma) at 5 mg food antigen, with or without 10 g of CT (List Biologicals, lot nos. 10165A1 and 10167A2) or 100 g of Alternaria alternata and Alternaria tenuis extract (Greer Laboratories, lot no. 322776) in 200 l of 0.2 M sodium bicarbonate buffer per mouse based on a protocol modified from (52)
PubMed ID: 32385053

Opposing Roles for the Related ETS-Family Transcription Factors Spi-B and Spi-C in Regulating B Cell Differentiation and Function

Laramée, AS;Raczkowski, H;Shao, P;Batista, C;Shukla, D;Xu, L;Haeryfar, SMM;Tesfagiorgis, Y;Kerfoot, S;DeKoter, R;
Product: LPS from Escherichia coli O111:B4
Cells were maintained in 5% CO 2 at 37°C. B cells were stimulated with LPS 0111:B4 (10 μg/ml, List Biological Laboratories, Campbell, CA, United States), 100 ng/ml CD40L (R&D Systems, Minneapolis, MI, United States), 10 ng/ml Interleukin-4 (R&D Systems), and Cached
PubMed ID: 32457757

Circulating TNF-like protein 1A (TL1A) is elevated early in rheumatoid arthritis and depends on TNF

Song, YJ;Choi, IA;Meylan, F;Demoruelle, MK;Farley, T;Richard, AC;Hawley, E;Botson, J;Hong, YJ;Lee, EY;Mian, SR;Hamilton, BC;Thiele, GM;Mikuls, TR;Gara, N;Ward, CD;Lamberth, S;Deane, KD;Heller, T;Ward, MM;Lee, DM;Migone, TS;Stohl, W;O'Dell, JR;Norris, JM;H
Product: ULTRA PURE LPS from Salmonella minnesota R595 (Re)
LPS (Ultrapure Salmon- ella Minnesota R595, List Biological Laboratories Inc., Campbell, CA) and other TLR ligands (Invivogen) were added at the indicated concentrations. Stimulation with immune complexes was performed as previously de- scribed [4]
PubMed ID: 32381123