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PD-1+ melanocortin receptor dependent-Treg cells prevent autoimmune disease

Muhammad, F;Wang, D;Montieth, A;Lee, S;Preble, J;Foster, CS;Larson, TA;Ding, K;Dvorak, JD;Lee, DJ;
Product: Tetanus Toxoid from Clostridium tetani
T cells were antigen stimulated with Tetanus Toxoid (TT) (List Biologicals Laboratories, Campbell, CA) at 1 μg/mL was added to cultures.
PubMed ID: 31729418

Targeted complement inhibition at synapses prevents microglial synaptic engulfment and synapse loss in demyelinating disease

Werneburg, S;Jung, J;Kunjamma, RB;Ha, SK;
Product: Pertussis Toxin from B. pertussis, Lyophilized in Buffer
At the time of immunization and 48h later, mice further received intraperitoneal (i.p.) injections with 500 ng of pertussis toxin (List Biologicals, #180, Deisenhofen, Germany).

Treatment of the bone marrow stromal stem cell supernatant by nasal administration-a new approach to EAE therapy

Wang, X;Zhai, W;Zhu, J;Zhao, W;Zou, X;Qu, S;Wang, S;He, Z;Li, Z;Wang, L;Sun, B;Li, H;
Product: Pertussis Toxin from B. pertussis, Lyophilized in Buffer
- Louis, MO, USA) containing Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Ra (Difco Laboratories, Detroit, MI, USA) on 0 day and then were injected intravenously with 300 ng pertussis toxin (PT, LIST BIOLOGICAL LABORATORIES, INC.) both immediately after immunization and
PubMed ID: 31730485

Up-regulation of PGC-1α in neurons protects against experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Dang, C;Han, B;Li, Q;Han, R;Hao, J;
Product: Pertussis Toxin from B. pertussis, Lyophilized in Buffer
- Two days after immunization, mice were intraperitoneally injected with 200 ng of pertussis toxin (List Biological Laboratories, Campbell, CA, USA). EAE evaluation and scoring of motor symptoms were carried out daily as previously described in Jiang et al. (19)
PubMed ID: 31718280

Fibrotic scar after experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis inhibits oligodendrocyte differentiation

Yahn, SL;Li, J;Goo, I;Gao, H;Brambilla, R;Lee, JK;
Product: Pertussis Toxin from B. pertussis, Lyophilized (Salt-Free)
; - Male Col1α1 GFP mice (2-4 months old) received an injection of pertussis toxin (ip, 500 ng/mouse on days 0 and 2; List Biological Laboratories, Cat.# 181) and an injection of MOG 35-55 peptide (sc, 300 ng/mouse on day 1; BioSynthesis Cat# 12668-01) emulsified
PubMed ID: 31731043