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Genetic Diversity Between Mouse Strains Allows Identification of CC027/GeniUnc as an Orally Reactive Model of Peanut Allergy

Orgel, K;Smeekens, JM;Ye, P;Fotsch, L;Guo, R;Miller, DR;Pardo-Manuel de Villena, F;Burks, AW;Ferris, MT;Kulis, MD;
Product: Cholera Toxin from Vibrio cholerae

... 4-6 week old female mice underwent weekly sensitization with 2 mg peanut extract and 10 µg Cholera toxin (List Biological laboratories, Campbell, CA) in 200 µL volume for three weeks by oral gavage followed by 1 week of 5 mg peanut extract and 10 µg ...

Author did not specify which Cholera toxin was utilized.  List Labs provides Product #100B - Cholera Toxin (AZIDE-FREE) from Vibrio cholerae and Product #101 - Cholera Toxin from Vibrio cholerae.

PubMed ID: 30342892

Inhibiting repulsive guidance molecule-a suppresses secondary progression in mouse models of multiple sclerosis

Tanabe, S;Fujita, Y;Ikuma, K;Yamashita, T;
Product: Pertussis Toxin from B. pertussis, Lyophilized in Buffer

EAE induction:

To induce NOD-EAE, we immunized 10-week-old NOD/ShiJcl female mice by subcutaneously injecting 300 μL of an emulsion containing 150 μg MOG35–55 peptide (MEVGWYRSPFSRVVHLYRNGK, Sigma Genosys) and 750 μg Mycobacterium tuberculosis extract H37Ra (Difco) in incomplete Freund’s adjuvant (IFA, Difco). Next, 200 ng of pertussis toxin (List Biological Laboratories) was intravenously administered to mice at 0 and 48 h after immunization. ...

Author did not specify which List Labs Pertussis Toxin was utilized.  List Labs provides Product #180 - Pertussis Toxin from B. pertussis, Lyophilized in Buffer and Product #181 - Pertussis Toxin from B. pertussis, Lyophilized (Salt-Free).

PubMed ID: 30333477

The Endotoxin Delivery Protein HMGB1 Mediates Caspase-11-Dependent Lethality in Sepsis

Deng, M;Tang, Y;Li, W;Wang, X;Zhang, R;Zhang, X;Zhao, X;Liu, J;Tang, C;Liu, Z;Huang, Y;Peng, H;Xiao, L;Tang, D;Scott, MJ;Wang, Q;Liu, J;Xiao, X;Watkins, S;Li, J;Yang, H;Wang, H;Chen, F;Tracey, KJ;Billiar, TR;Lu, B;
Product: Cholera Toxin B Subunit (Choleragenoid) from Vibrio cholerae in Low Salt

... Cholera Toxin B Subunit (Choleragenoid) from Vibrio cholerae List Biological Laboratories, INC. 103B ...

List Labs has provided Product #103B (Cholera Toxin B Subunit (Choleragenoid) from Vibrio cholerae) and Product #104 (Cholera Toxin B Subunit (Choleragenoid) from Vibrio cholerae in Low Salt).  The former has been discontinued.  The latter may be substituted for the former, if the researcher takes into account the difference in the buffer in which each product is provided and the amount of protein per vial.  When Product #103B was reconstituted with 200 μl of water, it contained 1 mg of protein in 0.05 M Tris, 0.2 M NaCl, 0.001 M Na2EDTA, 0.003 M NaN3, pH 7.5.  When Product #104 is reconstituted with 0.25 ml water, it contains 0.5 mg of Cholera Toxin B Subunit (choleragenoid) in 0.01 M Sodium Phosphate at pH 7.5.

PubMed ID: 30314759

Identification and characterization of multifunctional cationic peptides from traditional Japanese fermented soybean Natto extracts

Taniguchi, M;Aida, R;Saito, K;Ochiai, A;Takesono, S;Saitoh, E;Tanaka, T;
Product: LPS from Escherichia coli O55:B5

... and a smooth-type LPS from Escherichia coli O55:B5 (List Biological Laboratories, Campbell, CA, USA) was used as an endotoxin. ...

PubMed ID: 30337232

Differences in the Epstein-Barr virus gp350 IgA antibody response are associated with increased risk for co-infection with a second strain of EBV

Smith, NA;Baresel, PC;Jackson, CL;Ogolla, S;Toko, EN;Heit, S;Piriou, E;Sumba, OP;Middeldorp, JM;Colborn, KL;Rochford, R;
Product: Tetanus Toxoid from Clostridium tetani

... Plates were coated with 0.5 µg/mL tetanus toxoid (List Biological Laboratories, Campbell, CA) and 5 µg/mL measles grade 2 antigen (Microbix Biosystems, Mississauga, Canada) in 50mM carbonate/bicarbonate coating buffer, pH 9.6 for 2-4 hours at room temperature ...

PubMed ID: 30312417