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How List Biological Laboratories, Inc. got its start

August 29, 2017

The origin of businesses is often an interesting story. List Biological Laboratories is no exception. The company was founded in 1978 by Linda Shoer. Linda was an entrepreneurial scientist in Silicon Valley, who’d been relocated with her husband from Boston….

Pertussis Toxin Application in Multiple Sclerosis Research

November 4, 2016

By: M. Wessling A recently published study by Wen et al [1] provides an encouraging look at a possible therapy for the chronic neuro-inflammatory disease multiple sclerosis (MS). What is even more interesting is that this experimental autoimmune encephalitis myelitis…

List Products for Microbiome Research and Discovery

March 16, 2015

By: Suzanne Canada, Ph.D. Tanager Medical Writing While you go about your day, you are surrounded by micro-organisms.  Although most of us spend a lot of time washing up and trying not to think about the propensity of creatures that…