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Research Using Pertussis and Cholera Toxins | List Labs

March 4, 2020

Recent Research: Experimental Applications of Pertussis Toxin and Cholera Toxin The List Labs Citation Database is a robust tool for researchers. It offers thousands of papers showing how List Labs products are used experimentally. Researchers can search for keywords specific…

Bacterial Toxin Terminology

July 23, 2018

By: Mary N. Wessling, Ph.D. ELS In this blog we will unravel the terminology describing bacterial toxins. In general, there are at least three ways that bacterial toxins are described in the literature: by their biological designation—the genus and/or species…

List Labs’ Scientific Posters Available on the Website!

September 11, 2017

By: Rachel Berlin, Marketing Manager   Over 20 Scientific Posters Available on our website Scientific posters are a great way to visually display complex scientific issues. List Labs has a large list of scientific posters published on our website under…

How is Cholera Toxin Used in Research?

June 5, 2017

By: Mary N. Wessling, Ph.D. ELS   Cholera Toxin has Two Faces In 2010, Sanchez et al published an article with the puzzling title “Cholera toxin—A foe & a friend. ” The cholera toxin, a complex of two units produced…