New Accounts/New Customer Application

The Process

If you are purchasing a research reagent from List Labs for the first time please complete the new customer application.

If you want to set up an account with payment terms, please fill out all bank information. If you want to purchase always using a credit card, you may leave the bank information blank. This application must be completed and approved (1-3 business days) before we can process an initial order.


Purchasing Tetanus Toxin, Product #190

The end-user of our product  #190 must fill out and sign a Supplemental Agreement form and submit it by fax or email:

Purchasing a Select Agent Product

Step 1. Fill out the Letter of Assurance.

Step 2. Submit a purchase order on company letterhead or an official purchase order. Once approved you will be notified and your order will be processed.

Please Note: Large purchase of Select Agents require permission from the Centers for Disease Control. In this situation a Form 2 is required. Conact us if you have questions.

Payment Options

List Labs accepts payments via the following methods:

  • Visa, MasterCard, or American Express
  • Wire Transfer or ACH Payment
  • Purchase Orders

For further details on each method, please read below

Payment by Credit Card:

Customers may use our online store and place an order directly. You may also call us at 408 866-6363 to place an order live.

Payment by Wire Transfer or ACH:

If you prefer to prepay by wire transfer or ACH, please call us at 408 866-6363 to request a quotation. Our team will provide you with wire or ACH transfer instructions.

Purchase Orders & Net Terms:

List Labs accepts purchase orders and provides 30 day net terms. Simply fax or email your purchase orders.

Volume Discounts:

We offer quantity or dollar volume discounts on direct orders. (No 3rd party orders.) For additional quantities, please inquire.

Vial Count Or Value Discount
10 $2,500 5%
25 $5,000 10%
100 $25,000 15%