Live Biotherapeutic Products


List Labs has experience producing custom GMP Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs). We work with clients focused on the use of the skin, vaginal, and gut microbiomes for the treatment of infections. Some of these customers are now in Phase 2 or 3 of their clinical trials. New therapeutic possibilities on the horizon, which use Live Biotherapeutic Products, include the treatment of lung and oral infections as wll as metabolic disease and cancer.

In addition to Live Biotherapeutic Products, we provide a full range of services including:

  • Process Development
  • Analytical Development and Qualification
  • Production Scale Up
  • Growth and Manipulation of Aerobic, Anaerobic, and Spore-forming Organisms
  • Master Cell Bank (MCB) Preservation
  • Lyophilization Formulation Development
  • GMP Manufacturing and Production Standards, Pre-clinical and Clinical
  • Product Packaging, Fills, and Lyophilization
  • We specialize in providing materials for Phase 1, 2, and 3 clinical trials.

Equipment capabilities include 100L bioreactors, 3000 vial capacity lyophilizers, anaerobic chambers, and small to large scale separation equipment. Please feel free to browse through our list of Contract Research and Manufacturing Capabilities. Let us know how we can help your company develop Live Biotherapeutic Products for your clinical trial.

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"I have been using various products of List Biological Laboratories for the past 7 years, and in my opinion, it continues to provide the uninterrupted supply of bacterial toxins of reliable high quality. The company’s customer service is very professional and warm. It is my belief that List Biological Laboratories is the leading US producer of bacterial toxins that drives the productivity of the scientific community in host-pathogen interaction research field."
- Mikhail Martchenko, Assistant Professor, Keck Graduate Institute.