GMP Contract Manufacturing


List Biological Laboratories, Inc. offers custom GMP (cGMP) contract manufactured bacteria at various scales for research and clinical investigations. We have processes for producing Probiotics, Live Biotherapeutics and microbial-based therapeutics.  

Our contract GMP manufacturing also includes: 

  • creating and preserving cell banks 
  • cultivating a variety of native and recombinant microorganisms 
  • purifying, formulating and lyophilizing their enzyme products, virulence factors and microbial cell wall components

GMP Manufacturing Facility

Our facility is designed to support GMP manufacturing and production for clinical trials with appropriate product segregation and spore containment as described in our Site Master File.  List Labs' GMP manufacturing expertise includes process design, closed system design, bioburden control, defining valid specifications and GMP-compliant production and control records.

GMP LPS currently available!

List Labs currently has a GMP compliant verison of HPT Lipopolysaccharide from Escherichia coli 0113 in stock! Get to Phase One of your clinical trial quickly with this currently available GMP LPS. This product has been used by organizations worldwide in clinical trials, and it's available for purchase now.  Read more about this product in this blog post.  Contact us today to find out more. 

Follow these links to learn more about our GMP-compliant manufacturing services:

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Live Biotherapeutics for Clinical Trials

Lyophilization Services & Support

GMP Compliance & Regulatory Support


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"We have been using your PT and FHA antigens for decades, and LOVE them!"
- Harry Prince, Scientific Director for Immunology, Focus Diagnostics